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The story, as told by former member Jonathan Krause...
This the true story of how Grey Daze was created! Jonathan Krause and Sean Dowdell started the band back in 1993. Chester didn't join until a couple of months later. We tried out several singers. The first guitar player was not even Jason Barnes, it was a guy named Steve. Steve actually played 1 show live with us. Jason joined us after we decided to part ways with Steve. We were together for 4 months or so when Jason joined us.

Once established Jonathan, Sean, Chester, and Jason played together for almost 2 years. They also completed their first full length album "Wake Me" at the end of 94'. The song "She Shines' almost didn't make the album. Here is a video from one of our shows, notice how Chester points out this a brand new song. After the response we were certain to put it on the album. A couple of side notes. This was a collective writing band.

Someone would come in with an idea and the rest of the band would collaborate and help create the Grey Daze sounds. The music was brought in by everyone somewhat. There is some Grey areas (pardon the pun)! The truth is because Jason and I had the stringed instruments in our hand we were the ones coming up with the sounds of the songs. Every once and a while Chester would come in with an idea such as the song "Commit", (which I love) and we would write something around that. Jason and Jonathan did not write the lyrics, they were written by Chester and Sean and I guess that’s were a lot of problems stemmed from when they finally broke up.

The only song taken from Chester and Sean’s old band was "Wake Me". Everything else was made in Grey Daze! As a matter of fact Sean worked with Chester on the lyrics and put the beats to our songs. If you want to call suggesting notation whether or not putting an "A" or "A" minor, I suppose you could say Sean and Chester helped create the notation as well. Again, alot of Grey areas!

One last thing this band was conceived when I met Seans brother at work and he told me his brother had just broken up with his band "SD and his friends". At the time I had just left my band and called Sean after getting his number from his brother. We started Grey Daze and it had nothing to do with "SD and his friends". We had been searching for singers for sometime before Sean had suggested his old singer "Chester". The rest is history! Jonathan quit in 95' and along came Mace! I suppose Jason quit not too long after, and along came Bobby. I never saw them play after I left. But they sure made a name for themselves, and obviously Chester intrigued some people for them to offer the lead singer position of one very cool band. It is great to see someone you knew become that successful...


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